The Station's Specifications
Station: CSNX-9697 is Rock 103 - Edmonton's Internet Radio Station!!!
Location: Edmonton Albert Canada
Power: Available at 128 KBPS.
Target: A variety of listeners between the ages of 30 to 100+
Times: Broadcasting 24/7 with various live programs.
Frequency: 44100 Hz
Price: Free to listen!!!

How To Listen
1 Rock 103 always try to bring a good quality sound.  You can connect using dialup or broadband connections.

2.  You can listen to Rock 103 from the Rock 103 website or from the Rock 103 toolbar. The stream can be heard from any multimedia player and our Web Player.

3. To find out what is on Rock 103, Please go the program section on the Rock 103 website and checkout the broadcasting schedule.

 Thanks for tuning in!!!

Have any questions or concerns? You may email them to me as they are always appreciated.

F. A. Q.


Question: Your stream looks different and now I cannot seem to connect ?
Answer: We will be updating our streams to use the latest Macromedia Flash Player. Please make sure you download and install the latest player here.

Question:Can I connect to your stream with my Windows Media Player?
Answer: Yes, you can use any of the media players available to you. You can also connect to our streams from the websites using the site's html media player.

Question: I want to stream your station over the Internet. But what do I need?
Answer: To successfully stream you need a High-speed Internet connection. Simply email the station and you will receive a direct link..

Question: Is your stream available 24/7 or is is only available at certain times?
Answer: Yes, our stream is available 24/7. If the stream stops for some reason, just restart the stream on your player. Email Us
if the problem persists.

Question: What internet bandwith should I use to listen to your stream?.
Answer: You should use a high-speed bandwith connection. The bitrate we use for streaming is at 128 KBPS. A dial up connection will not work properly.

Question: The player says it is waiting and then never connects.
Answer: stop the stream and then try re-connecting. Sometimes we restart our streams and this causes the current streams to go into a 'waiting' state.

Question: Does your stream work on Windows, Mac and other platforms?
Answer: Yes. Our stream works on Windows, Macs and flavours of Unix, platforms.

Question: I keep hearing the same thing over and over again?
Answer: One of our streaming servers may be experiencing some technical difficulties. Please email us and we will have it fixed.

Question: I keep hearing the same thing over and over again?
Answer: One of our streaming servers may be experiencing some technical difficulties. Please contact our Tech Department with the issue and we will have it fixed as soon as possible.

Text us at Rock103Live to 21212


Please contact the webmaster if you encounter any disruptions or have any questions regarding the Rock 103 broadcast. Thanks for tuning in!!!

Please only report all website problems to the webmaster.
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Rock 103's call sign is CSNX-9697 and is part of the SoniXCast broadcast network!