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Rock 103 Weekly Broadcast Schedule
The Jukebox plays an assortment of non-stop rock tunes from the 60's and the 2000's. Play Time: Between Programs.
Sunday - 6:00PM - The Oldies Show - Presenting TV and Radio programs. Play Time: 3 hrs.

Tuesday - 8:00PM - The Big Joe Show - Big Joe plays plays the best of pop and country music. Play Time: 1 hr.

Wednesday - 7:00PM - The Big Bob's Memory Lane Show - We play the charted hits from the 60's and 70's, one hit wonders and covers. They don't just play songs, they play memories. Play Time: 3 hrs.
Thursday - 8:00PM - Cheeze Pleeze - The Wacky, the Warped & the Weird... It's A Gouda Thing! Starring Snarfdude and Daffodil. Play Time: 1/2 hr.
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*Timezone for the programs are Mountain Standard Time (MST).
*All Broadcasts are streamed at 128 KBPS.
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*Programs are subject to change at anytime.
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