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Welcome to ROCK 103 Chat Room

The chat room is meant to be fun and clean. It is all about the music and having a good time. Anything out of the
mainstream will reflect on the station and its DJs. Please do not offend another member of the chatroom. It will
not be tolerated. So have fun and enjoy the music. This Chatroom is set up for those who likes to chat about broadcasting.

This is the chatroom where you can communicate with me during the Live broadcasts.

You can get the music by going to the home page or a link will be provided by the DJ or his or her moderator.
Welcome to the Rock 103 Chatroom and enjoy the broadcast.
Requests can be made here. you can also email your song requests. Thank you!!!

Please read the guidelines below before starting.  Thank you! Scroll down and sign in then start chatting.

I insist that all statements be kept G-rated.
Please, no rumors or innuendo no matter how interesting it may sound.
For the safety of the users of the site don't give your private info to each other
unless you know the individual. These should include:
Home address, Telephone numbers, E-mail addresses, or other private information!
The chatroom is a free service by an outside provider. Users of the board, through
this site, should understand that I, the Webmaster for this site, am not
responsible for, nor endorse any advertisment that may appear in the chatroom
under control by the outside ISP with their contracted advertiser(s).
Never assume the identity of another individual for any reason.
No "special offers" or SPAM although you may let everyone know what radio station you are representing and what you are playing.

If you are a guest to the chatroom, please select a username. A password is not need unless you register your username. Thank you and have fun chatting!!!

Click here to Open the Pop Up Chat Window!

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